6 Detox Smoothie Recipes

Give your body a break from heavy holiday foods

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6 Detox Smoothie Recipes

After the craziness of the holiday season, my body is screaming for a rest. detox smoothie recipe weight loss 1 e1325729276408 6 Detox Smoothie Recipes This week, I’m not making many plans, I’m putting off my chores and I’m staying out of the kitchen (for the most part). Instead, I’m indulging in rejuvenating baths and using my blender to make nutritious smoothies. Creamy, low-calorie smoothies made with fresh fruit and vegetables give your digestive system a break from heavy holiday foods.

This week, embrace a nutrient-rich smoothie for breakfast that will energize you and ramp up your body’s overnight fat burning and rejuvenation work.

6 Detox Smoothie Recipes
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added 2 years, 11 months ago

Hello I’m a 100% breastfeeding mom can I still to detox smoothie? My body feels so clog..reply soon pls