Cleansing Tips For the Rest of Us

What to do when you have no interest in a juice fast

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Cleansing Tips For the Rest of Us

You’re not into drinking green juice (or any other kind of vegetable juice), but you’d be up for some easy tips to boost your energy and support clear skin.

Cleansing tips for the rest of us
  • Go organic

    When possible, eat more organic fruits and vegetables. Pesticides and synthetic fertilizers add to your body’s “crud” load which can weigh on your mood and youthful glow over time. Learn more.

  • Embrace more raw foods

    Load half your plate with raw vegetables and leafy green salads at most meals. Raw foods are packed with enzymes that your bod needs for cleansing, healing and beautification. More on that here.

  • Go meatless one day a week

    Heavier foods, including steak and hamburgers, require more of your body’s energy to digest. This ultimately limits the amount of time your body spends on its rejuvenation work. Consider celebrating a meatless day once each week as a gentle way to boost your body’s natural feel-good work. Grab some veggie-centric recipe ideas here.

  • Keep portion size in mind

    Did you know that an easy way to give your body more time to focus on its detoxification work is to eat three meals a day and avoid overeating? I like to try and eat off salad plates to keep my portions in check.

  • Dabble with food combining

    Some hard core detox gurus believe that food combining is an awesome way to naturally ramp up your bod’s detoxification work. Learn more about properly combining your foods here and then see if this strategy works for you!

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