Pantry Essentials: Keep It Simple

How to stock a natural food pantry

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Pantry Essentials: Keep It Simple

I find diet trends exhausting. And so each day, I do my best to combine plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and a sensible amount of protein into my diet. Cleansing beauties will how to stock a natural food pantry e1330000151432 Pantry Essentials: Keep It Simple tell you that when you center your meals around fresh produce you’ll see changes in yourself that you never thought possible. The key though, is to make this fresh produce into a meal with a few pantry staples. These are a few of the core pantry items I recommend and keep on hand in my pantry.

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Pantry Essentials
Better-for-you sweeteners
  • a good honey
  • a pure maple syrup
  • Stevia
  • a bar of rich dark chocolate (>70% cocoa)
  • unsweetened cocoa powder

Canned/jar/boxed foods
  • almond milk (terrific in smoothies + chia seed puddings + added to hot cereals)
  • vegetable stock (core to soups + stews, adds flavor to brown rice and quinoa dishes)
  • jar tomato sauce (low sugar)
  • jar chunky salsa
  • dry/canned chic peas, white beans, lentils (adds protein to salads, great in fresh hummus)
  • almond butter / organic peanut butter (adds protein to smoothies, zip to salad dressings and stir-fries)
  • sesame seed tahini paste (Learn more about tahini here)

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Better-for-you grains

Better-for-you whole grains and seeds are less processed and subsequently easier for your body to digest. This allows more time and energy for your body to spend on its revitalizing and slimming work. These are a few of my favorite better-for-you grains and seeds:

  • brown rice (great in side dishes, hot cereals, vegetable burgers)
  • quinoa (nutty version of brown rice with an extra protein punch)
  • steel cut oatmeal (vs instant oatmeal)
  • whole wheat pasta, brown rice pasta, quinoa pasta or spelt pasta (don’t laugh, it’s pretty good!)
  • sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash (easier to digest than some grains and often used as a pasta substitute by health beauties)

Frozen foods
  • Frozen fruit including pineapple, organic peaches, mixed organic berries
  • Nuts (unroasted): cashews, almonds


A good spice not only adds flavor, but it also helps to dial up the feel-good benefits of your meals. Here are a few of my favorites.


While there is always a place for dried herbs in a health beauty’s benefits of fresh herbs for health e1330001093784 Pantry Essentials: Keep It Simple spice rack, cleansing divas tend to prefer purchasing fresh herbs as often as possible. The healing benefits found in many herbs are believed to be lost in a dried version. These are a few of my favorite herbs.

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