How To Make Vegetable Juices Taste Good

Hint: skip the cabbage juice


How To Make Vegetable Juices Taste Good

Cleansing divas love to drink vegetable juices. Freshly pressed, raw vegetable juices are packed with nutrition in an easy-to-digest form. These juices are also bursting with live enzymes. Enzymes in raw foods boost your bod’s rejuvenation and slimming work and help fight tired skin and wrinkles.

How to make vegetable juices taste good

The best way to enjoy a freshly pressed vegetable juice is to stick to classic combinations. Newbies to juicing generally find freshly pressed carrots and crunchy apples are the most enjoyable base in a juice. From there, the key is to add celery, baby spinach and cucumbers – to boost the cleansing and restorative properties in the juice. Below are some of my favorite vegetable juices to recommend to any beauty new to juicing. Give some of these fresh vegetable juice combinations a try at home this weekend or stop by your local juice bar. Just remember, that most freshly pressed juices are best right after you make them”¦.so don’t wait to enjoy them.

  • Sagaponack Carrot and Celery JuiceThis juice is absolutely adored by kids, skeptical boyfriends and uncertain husbands alike.

  • Better “Beet” It Juice – While you may not love them cooked, raw beets are an absolute delight in this freshly pressed juice with carrot.

  • Green Lemonade Juice- A favorite of cleansing divas, this green drink is divinely sweet (thanks to the apples) and only looks intimidating. Divas love it because it’s loaded with dark leafy greens which are bursting with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and blood alkalinizers for superior health and energy.

  • Terrific Tomato JuiceThis juice looks just like your Saturday Bloody Mary……only it’s much better for building radiant skin.

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Food Babe

added 3 years, 3 months ago

Your “Hint” about skipping the cabbage juice made me laugh!  I added Pear to this juice I called the Cabbage Patch Kid Juice and it was amazingly refreshing and light. Perfect for a new comer!   Enjoy!


added 3 years, 3 months ago

Love the name!

noll janet

added 3 years, 3 months ago

Gross. Couldn't you juicers do better then those recipes? Are there any vegetables that have little taste when juiced?