Freshly Pressed: May Superfoods

Weekly Article Roundup

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Freshly Pressed: May Superfoods

This weekend I’m looking forward to cruising up to my local farmer’s market here in New York. Each week, so many new things seem to finally be arriving after a long winter. It’s exciting. I love to walk around and visit all the stands. Asparagus and a bouquet of wildflowers are on my must-have list. I’m even toying around with the idea of purchasing an indoor house plant. Indoor house plants are a beautiful way to help keep the air fresh in your home. And for me, living in New York City, every little bit helps. How about you all? Do you have an indoor plant? Or do you prefer cut flowers? I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Weekly article round up

The following are a few of the articles I enjoyed reading this week.

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