Three Perfect Soups For The Early Days Of Fall

Rich in tender cooked veggies and legumes

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Three Perfect Soups For The Early Days Of Fall

Fall is one of my favorite seasons in New York City. The weather is still fairly warm but the nights start to become cooler (perfect sleeping weather!). Very early on in the season I start to crave a good soup ⎯but nothing too heavy. These are a few of my favorite “early season” fall soups. They are rich in a rainbow of tender cooked vegetables and legumes which I then top with a handful of fresh kale and parsley to keep the finish light and fresh. I find these soups are perfect for cooler days and great too those glorious fall days which are just a touch warmer.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend!

- Noelle

3 Easy Soup Recipes

With each of these soups, I like to serve them topped with a handful of Tuscan Kale (cut into confetti-like strips) and some fresh parsley, roughly chopped.

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