At The Farmstand: Vegetarian Recipe Favorites

Fresh and simple veggie-focused meals

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At The Farmstand: Vegetarian Recipe Favorites

These veggie-focused meals are made with lots of fresh, vibrant ingredients from my local farmstand. They are quick to make and easy to share. With each of these recipes, I choose to first focus on lighthouse e1346118374458 At The Farmstand: Vegetarian Recipe Favorites getting as many veggies on my plate as possible. The reason being is that I’ve found (particularly as I’ve gotten older) that when I eat more fresh produce, in particular, I just feel better, my skin looks better, I have more energy, and I’m happier too. That being said, feel free to customize them. While I mostly feel satisfied with these vegetable focused recipes as they are, occasionally I might crave a dollop of creamy hummus, a scoop of a whole grain salad (like The Green Goddess Quinoa Tabbouleh below) or an organic egg. And when I do, I add them. Do what feels right for you on any given day.

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