Why Are Green Smoothies Good For You?

Get the lowdown on this increasingly popular drink

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Why Are Green Smoothies Good For You?

Health beauties love green smoothies. Learn more about green smoothies here. Then, read on to learn about the health benefits of these delicious drinks.

Health benefits of green smoothies
  • Green smoothies are more nutritious and contain far fewer calories than your average smoothie. Most fruit smoothies, particularly smoothies from McDonalds or Jamba Juice, are often short on nutrients and loaded with calories (800-1000+ calories) and sugar.

  • Green smoothies are an easy way to consume more “green” foods in your day. A girl can only eat so many salads, right? Green smoothies give you a chance to sneak a few more nutritious leafy green foods into your day. Leafy green foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and blood alkalinizers for superior health and energy. They also help support younger looking, radiant skin.

  • A green smoothie for breakfast dials up your body’s overnight detoxification and weight loss work. The nutrition in a green smoothie is readily available to your body in its blended form. By having one of these smoothies for breakfast, you let your body take the nutrition it needs and then quickly return to its powerful overnight detoxification and slimming work – the peak of which takes place overnight and into the early morning hours.

  • Green smoothies support healthy digestion – a corner stone of good health. Green smoothies are full of fiber (thanks to all the leafy greens, fruits and veggies in them). Fiber helps waste and crud leave your body. Healthy bowels, with good eliminations, are a corner stone of good health. A healthy gut also plays a key part in the strength of your immune system and your happiness levels. A healthy gut also helps you absorb nutrients well, so you’ll tend to crave less junk food.

Green smoothie recipes

Looking for a few green smoothie recipes? Give these a try!

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