Smoothie Recipes: 5 Easy Green Smoothies

Embrace glowing skin and a sleek physique

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Smoothie Recipes: 5 Easy Green Smoothies

These green smoothie recipes are packed sweet berries, and tender baby spinach. What I love about these recipes, is that when you combine just the right amount of spinach into these recipes, the spinach blends into the smoothie so beautifully that all you taste is the sweet fruit. It’s a great way to dial up the nutrient-rich punch in a smoothie. Rich in revitalizing chlorophyll, green smoothies are also embraced by health beauties here in New York to support glowing vibrant skin.

Just getting started with green smoothies? Learn more about them here and here. Want someone else to make them for you and deliver to your doorstep? Check out the team over here.

Easy Green Smoothie Recipes

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