Beautify Your Fridge: Healthy Refrigerator Makeover

Make eating spa-like food easier


Beautify Your Fridge: Healthy Refrigerator Makeover

My fridge can get out of control pretty easily. (Does this happen to anyone else?) And when it does, I quickly lose track of what I have in there. I also lose a little inspiration healthy fridge makeover21 e1331729041314 Beautify Your Fridge: Healthy Refrigerator Makeover to eat more spa-like food (you know the kind – vibrant salads, warm lentil pockets, citrus flavored waters, the occasional organic chicken breast etc.) that make me feel so good. So I decided to tackle my refrigerator and give it a good cleanse. It feels infinitely better when I open the door, and it inspires me to eat healthier too. This is how I did it. You might also appreciate this healthy fridge basics list.

Healthy Refrigerator Makeover Tips
  1. Flush out the crud

    Get rid of limp vegetables and check the expiration dates on your condiments.

  2. Invest in a handful of pretty, clear containers

    Remove heads of lettuce and bunches of vegetables how to organize your fridge1 e1331730078954 Beautify Your Fridge: Healthy Refrigerator Makeover from bulky plastic bags. In a clear plastic container (or even better – invest in a glass container), arrange salads and vegetables so you can clearly identify what you have on hand. Place the containers at eye level so you’re inspired to eat these “spa” foods. I also like to cut up melons, pineapples and berries and store them on this shelf too in case I’m looking for a quick and easy snack. After fussing around for years at how expensive glass containers were, I finally invested in a few of these. I love them. Most of my vegetables and salad greens now sit neatly displayed in them.

  3. Take advantage of your refrigerator drawers

    I store apples, pears, carrots, celery and other vegetables I would like to keep crisp and fresh in my refrigerator drawers. I have three drawers at the moment: I keep one stocked with fruit and two with veggies. Sometimes I’ll also store things in these drawers (like a good bar of dark chocolate) that I like to have but don’t want to see each time I visit my fridge. That’s way too much temptation!

  4. Add a pop of fun

    I think fresh herbs are all too often overlooked. healing benefits fresh herbs Beautify Your Fridge: Healthy Refrigerator Makeover Fresh herbs not only add pop to a simple salad, a nutritious smoothie or a crispy vegetable burger, but they are also believed to contain healing benefits when enjoyed fresh rather than dried. Learn more here. Each week I like to try and invest in one bunch of fresh herbs and store it in a pretty mug in my fridge. This week, I’m enjoying a bunch of fresh cilantro.

  5. Keep leftovers in view

    In the past, leftovers quickly migrated to the back of my refrigerator and got lost there. Now I make an effort to keep them front and center where I can find them. I think also keeping them in these glass containers helps me remember what I have on hand. I really get creative with my leftovers these days. I like to double the recipe for this Warm Lentil Salad with Carrot Ribbons, Parsley and Thyme and toss it with a baby spinach salad or tuck it into a pita wrap healthy vegetable burgers e1331729173949 Beautify Your Fridge: Healthy Refrigerator Makeover with a few extra carrot slices. Lentil salad is also great added to a simple stir-fry. This creamy Creamy Swiss Chard Soup with Vegetables (dairy-free) is also on regular rotation on my leftover shelf. It’s so good I’ve eaten it for breakfast lunch and dinner. These quinoa salads with vegetables are also favorites of mine to keep on hand when I want to eat healthy spa-like foods.

  6. Keep a pretty carafe of flavored water on hand

    Water keeps you hydrated and helps flush crud from your bod. Cleansing divas often say excess waste = excess weight. I like to have water on hand because sometimes I think I’m hungry when I’m really just thirsty too.

  7. Organic meats, eggs and dairy in moderation

    Personally, I don’t eat too much meat, but when I do, I use it almost immediately. I like to keep mine on a small plate toward the back/bottom of my fridge where its cooler. My organic eggs sit toward the back of my fridge as well. I tuck yogurts on the shelf with my leftovers and keep my milk (I prefer an almond milk) close by my carafe of water where the refrigerator shelf has a little more loft.

  8. Streamline the condiments in your refrigerator door

    The jars of mustards, hot sauce, soy sauce and even the health benefits of aloe vera juice1 e1331731226370 Beautify Your Fridge: Healthy Refrigerator Makeover supplements (like aloe vera juice, learn more about why I take it as a supplement here) were exploding out of my fridge. So I took a hard look at what I had on hand and considered whether I really used it and enjoyed it. If not, I tossed it.

How about you?

How do you like to keep your fridge looking pretty? I’d love to hear from you!

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added 2 years, 9 months ago

We recently did an overhaul on our refrigerator and it feels SO good to have it organized, clean and full of healthy foods. I love your idea for keeping a carafe of flavored water on hand - I'm doing that tonight! What flavors do you recommend besides the typical cucumber, raspberry, etc.?


added 2 years, 9 months ago

Great tips for the fridge. I did a similar one recently and discovered loads of hidden gems!