Freshly Pressed: The “Goings On” Here In New York

Weekly Article Roundup

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Freshly Pressed: The “Goings On” Here In New York

Happy Friday everyone! I just wanted to quickly share a few of the little things I’ve enjoyed reading this week as I embrace all the festive cheer here in New York. This photo was taken this week as my son and I were waiting in line to meet Santa. I’m also working on a quick and easy recipe for Monday. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

- Noelle

Weekly article roundup

PS – If you’re in town don’t miss a stop at the tree in Rockefeller center, and the store windows at Saks and Lord & Taylor. Grab a casual bite of lunch at the food court in Rockefeller center and a hot chocolate at Magnolia Bakery (now in midtown!). I also love to take friends ice skating at the pop-up rink in Bryant Park. Email me if you want some more festive ideas. The Plaza Hotel also has the best Santa in New York – I’m making the call!

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