Organize It: My Spice Drawer (A Sanctuary From A Curious One-Year-Old)

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Organize It: My Spice Drawer (A Sanctuary From A Curious One-Year-Old)

Each morning, like clockwork, my son wakes up at 6am. He starts to sing softly from his crib to let me know that he is awake. Then he gradually starts to sing just a little louder spices e1338405797886 Organize It: My Spice Drawer (A Sanctuary From A Curious One Year Old) (usually around 6:15am) to tell me that it is now time for me to come downstairs and take him out of his crib. And so with a big hug and a kiss, I lift him from his crib, change his diaper and then set him free.

He usually hits the ground running. And the adventure begins.

This adventure usually involves emptying drawers, turning my purse upside down, tipping over a flower pot ⎯and anything else that is not tied down, locked up or out of reach. The chaos can be a little unsettling on some days! As a result, I’ve become a little obsessive about keeping things that are out of his reach well organized. Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve tackled a project that I have been talking about doing for months (if not years)⎯I organized my spice drawer.

Spices: Keep ‘em streamlined

This is how I went about organizing my spice drawer:

  • I tossed old spices (dried spices lose their punch after 6-12 months). I also decided not to invest in a few new spices (like basil, oregano and thyme) that I really prefer to enjoy fresh. As many of you beauties know, my goal each day is to eat and enjoy more fresh whole foods – especially fresh herbs. Learn more about the beauty benefits of enjoying a few more fresh herbs here.

  • I invested in a few simple spice jars so everything would look uniform (these were simple and didn’t break my bank account).

  • I grouped various spices together according to how I use them: Mediterranean, Italian, Indian, etc. (Though my mom and I are still debating the virtues of organizing this drawer alphabetically!)

  • I bought this little label maker to label my new spice jars. I love it! (Watch out office folders, you’re next!)

  • I placed my spices in a drawer (vs a shelf) because I don’t have much of a pantry. And most importantly, my one-year-old son can’t reach this top drawer!

And now each time, I open my spice drawer, I’m surprisingly delighted and inspired at dinner time. It feels better just looking at it right?

organize it 3.doc Organize It: My Spice Drawer (A Sanctuary From A Curious One Year Old)

How about you?

Before I made the plunge and invested in a few glass jars for my spice drawer, I would do my best to wipe down the jars I purchased the spices in to keep them looking fresh. I would also toss old spices that were expired or ones that just didin’t interest me much anymore. Occasionally, I would also move my spices to a new location in my kitchen to bring a fresh perspective. How about you? How do you like to organize your spices?

PS – I think it’s only a matter of time before this spice drawer is no longer a sanctuary from chaos! I found my son today climbing into the drawer just underneath this one……!

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added 2 years, 8 months ago

I like your new system, but I think mine es even better :)
I buy a certain type of olives, that come in a slim, tall jar. Over a couple of years, I collected these jars to have enough for all of my spices. There is this bit in my kitchen, that has one of those long lights underneath and a half see through plastic bit on top. On  top of that I put my spices, which therefore are illuminated from below. I know its probably not awesome for the spices to be exposed to light, but in this case I just have to be superficial because it looks so beautiful and is extremely practical.


added 2 years, 8 months ago

H Thank you! Organizing your spices is such a personal thing – there are so many factors that go into it: the space in your kitchen, how you like to use them, etc! Even within ones home its nice to relocate them sometimes (or maybe that's just me!) Regardless, organizing them in any fashion so that you feel good using them is the most important. I'd love if you'd be able to send a photo along!


added 2 years, 8 months ago

I purchased the magnetic containers, Grundtal, containers which you get from Ikea $4.99 for three and my spaces are arranged with labels alphabetically on the side of the refrigerator.