Juicer Recipes: Most Excellent Apple-Kale Juice

Crispy fall apples, carrots and kale unite!

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I have a big bag of crispy apples in my fridge that I collected on a recent apple picking trip. I have been enjoying them in so many ways – but most especially in this Most Excellent Apple-Kale Juice. This light and refreshing tonic is full of antioxidants (cheers to the yummy apple juice) and chlorophyll (thanks to the kale), which can help give your body what it needs to reset and restore this week. Happy juicing!

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Looking to embrace more vibrant, enzyme-rich juices? I’ve found that when I eat more crunchy produce and drink more fresh juices, my eyes are brighter, my skin glows, I feel calmer ⎯and quite honestly ⎯I’m happier too.

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