Smoothie Recipes with Martha Stewart – Fall Delight

Made with kale, crispy apple, carrot and ginger


Some of my favorite New York mornings in the fall are spent a short walk from my apartment at the Union Square Farmers Market. This weekend everything looked so delightful, so I gathered a beautiful pumpkin, a colorful bunch of flowers, some crispy apples, a few heirloom carrots, several bundles of kale, and a handful of fresh ginger for a smoothie. The earthy carrot and the tangy ginger gave an unexpected kick to this smoothie that I’ve been enjoying on its own and also paired with a salad.

Need more smoothie recipe ideas? Check out my latest smoothie roundup over at Martha Stewart’s Whole Living here.

More Smoothie Recipes

Looking to embrace more fresh, feel-good foods at breakfast? I’ve found that when I eat more fresh produce including leafy green lettuces, crunchy vegetables and some sweet fruit, my eyes are brighter, my skin glows, I feel calmer ⎯and quite honestly ⎯I’m happier too. You might also appreciate these smoothie recipes which are terrific for breakfast or a snack.

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added 2 years, 3 months ago

just found your blog today by accident I'm so excited YEAH!!!!! Since my recent diagnosis with multiple food allergies and being told to eliminate dairy and meat from my diet I'm finding it challenging to eat and live a health life since that wasn't my norm. I'm learning and processing all this and I love it. I feel so much better. 


added 2 years, 3 months ago

So nice to hear from you! I know what you mean
About eating more veggie centric meals
It really requires some regular inspiration!
I have a bunch of recipes for next week I
Think you'll enjoy!

Noelle Twiggs
Green Lemonade