Vegetarian Recipes: Cozy Whipped Cauliflower & Thyme

Fabulous as a main dish or a sassy side


This particular cauliflower recipe is for those of us who just want to keep things simple during the week and still manage to eat something that makes us smile and feel good. I tried this creamy cauliflower recipe a cauliflower 1a e1355770920426 Vegetarian Recipes: Cozy Whipped Cauliflower & Thyme few ways this weekend. In one version I served it warm with a drizzle of creamy coconut oil and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. In another attempt I served it in more of a rustic fashion with a warm apple. But I think I enjoyed the cauliflower best whipped into a creamy purée with a drizzle of butter and a few sprigs of fresh thyme. It’s so simple and fabulous that you can serve it for dinner topped with toasted pine nuts and a vibrant salad (like this one) or simply use it as an alternative to a whipped potato in a side dish. What I always love about starting a meal with veggies in mind is that the possibilities and the directions really are such fun to explore!

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Simple and interesting. I’m trying not to eat to much of potatoes, so this kind of puree will be perfect :)


added 2 years ago

Honestly, with just the right (but not too much) amount of butter, I didn’t even miss potatoes here at all!