What To Cook: Warm Carrot Salad

With roast carrots, slivered almonds and plump raisins

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Good afternoon beauties! I wanted to share this recipe with you today, because it’s just the kind of comforting meal you might be looking to pull together on a night like tonight (it’s dark and raining here in New York). I made this last night for my husband and myself candlelight1 e1355170047179 What To Cook: Warm Carrot Salad and I just love the versatility of these kind of veggie-centric meals. Not everyone in my house is vegetarian⎯and that’s where a nice recipe like this one comes in handy. You can serve it as a main dish (as is, or with a dollop of creamy goat cheese and a soft-boiled egg) and even as a simple side. Last night, I enjoyed this salad on a bed of mixed lettuces with a piece of crunchy bread. Yum!

PS – Candlelight is optional with this meal, but strongly encouraged! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend.

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